AMCS Construction

Hauling-Digging-Leveling-Tree Moving

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Services Provided

AMCS is providing professional excavating, leveling and landscaping to suit all your needs!  We can also supply a wide range of materials from gravel and sand to black limestone! Serving Winnipeg and surrounding rural areas. 



  • Kubota Excavator 80-4 ( Full range of various bucket sizes)

  • Kubota SVl 95-2 Skid Steer

  • (2) Heavy Spec Tandem  Dump trucks

  • 42 Inch Tree Spade

Various Aggregates

  • Black Granite

  • Gravel ( 1/4,3/4,1/2 & 2 and up)

  • Crushed Ashpalt

  • Boulders

  • Sand (Fill,compact, stucco, septic etc)

  • Many more just ask!

Tree Supply and Tree Moving 

  • Providing small to large scale tree removal and relocation services.

  • We also supply various types of trees such as common spruce, Colorado,black and much more. 

Professional Services


Equipment Service

We have the skill and equipment to tackle the job. Some services but not limited to:

-Grading and Site Prep





-Pool removal or fill in 

-Gravel Driveways or Parking Pad

-Tree removale and relocation


Landscaping Supply

We offer a full range of common and uncommon aggregates and soils available for delivery right to your door. Call us to see if we can get what you need! Not limited to:
-All sizes of Limestone
-Riprap Rock
-Clean Fill
-Top Soil

-Black Granite




Serving Winnipeg and all surrounding areas. Call today to see how we can help you!