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AMCS Construction

Hauling-Digging-Leveling-Tree Moving


Services Provided

AMCS is providing professional excavating, leveling and landscaping to suit all your needs!  We can also supply a wide range of materials from gravel and sand to black limestone! Serving Winnipeg and surrounding rural areas. 



  • Kubota Excavator 80-4 ( Full range of various bucket sizes)

  • Kubota SVl 95-2 Skid Steer

  • ASV RC 30 Skid Steer

  • Heavy Spec Tandem  Dump truck & Pup 

  • 42 & 32 Inch Tree Spade

Various Aggregates

  • Black Granite

  • Gravel ( 1/4,3/4,1/2 & 2 and up)

  • Crushed Ashpalt

  • Boulders

  • Sand (Fill,compact, stucco, septic etc)

  • Many more just ask!

Tree Supply and Tree Moving 

  • Providing small to large scale tree removal and relocation services.

  • We also supply various types of trees such as common spruce, Colorado,black and much more. 

Forestry and Land Reclaiming

  •  High Flow Cat Drum mulcher capable of tacking large areas of heavy brush and trees. Leaves behind a workable surface.

  • Excavator to remove those larger trees and stumps

Professional Services


Equipment Service

We have the skill and equipment to tackle the job. Some services but not limited to:

-Grading and Site Prep





-Pool removal or fill in 

-Gravel Driveways or Parking Pad

-Tree removale and relocation


Landscaping Supply

We offer a full range of common and uncommon aggregates and soils available for delivery right to your door. Call us to see if we can get what you need! Not limited to:
-All sizes of Limestone
-Riprap Rock
-Clean Fill
-Top Soil

-Black Granite




Serving Winnipeg and all surrounding areas. Call today to see how we can help you!

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